Microsofts lost decade essay

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History of Apple Inc.

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As a result, Apple lost its competitiveedge. Microsofthad purchased all of its microprocessors from Motorola. By this time, Microsofts operatingsystem with Intel microprocessors was running on % of the personal computers sold, withApple having only a % share of the market.

Steve Jobs was chosen as Executive of the Decade by.

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There has been a lot of conversation the past few weeks about "Microsoft's lost decade" and it really is a baffling thought when you actually take a look at Microsoft's history.

Mar 19,  · An Open Letter to Google. Willis Eschenbach / March 19, Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach. You’ve lost my trust, it’ll be trust but verify from here on out for me. and Al Gore is a fairly influential man who has had only one thing in mind for the last decade: promote CAGW.

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Microsofts lost decade essay
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